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Return to Step 1 on the product page and indicate your style selection when you are finished.

Please note that "Without personalization" in Step 1 refers to an award with NO RECIPIENT NAME and, in the case of an order for a qty. greater than 1, no changes in copy.



  • Logos should be sent separately in their own file, preferably eps format.  If not eps, send whatever you have and we'll contact you should there be any issues.
  • Logos should be black and white.  We can make conversions to black and white for you, edit charges may apply.  We'll contact you before proceeding.
  • Photos and colors (other than black) cannot be engraved.  Click here to see examples of what can and cannot be engraved.
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  • Create a Word document with your award text, it will be faster and easier than filling in the text boxes in Step 2 on the product page.
  • We'll take your text and lay it out using the style shown on the product photo, or if you prefer using the style you provide in your Word document. Indicate in your Word doc. if you prefer us to use your layout style.
  • We will email a proof to you before we engrave your award, please monitor your e-mail for the proof.
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  • Once you complete your order, you will receive an immediate emailed acknowledgement.*
  • Reply to the acknowledgement and attach any files that you wish to send. We will confirm receipt back to you. (back to top)


*If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail from us, it is probably for one or two reasons. First, check your spam folder or wherever unsolicited e-mails may be diverted to. Second, you may have mis-entered your e-mail address when placing your order. Call us at 1-877-814-GIFT (4438) if you suspect this has happened, leave us a message with your name if calling after hours.


READ HERE For Tips On Creating Award Text

Don't be worried if you've never had to create the copy for an award before. It's as easy as answering the 5 W's - Who? What? When? By Whom? Why? Begin by listing the answers and your award will write itself!  Use the Outline shown below and you'll look like a pro!  We'll do the layout, type selection etc. using the style you select in Step 1 on the product page for the best appearance. (back to top)



(Click here to see a list of examples)





(Click here to see a list of examples)



and/or their LOGO (optional)



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Examples of award titles.  (Back to Creating Award Text)

Cut and paste freely

100 Percent Club

5-Star Award

Award of Excellence

Award of Honor

Best of the Best Award

Broker of the Year

Chairman's Award

Citizenship Award

Community Service Award

Contributor Award

Corporate Citizenship Award

Customer Satisfaction Award

Customer Service Award

Determination Award

Diamond Achievement Award

Direct Sales Award

Director's Award

Discovery Award

District Sales Leader

Eagle Award

Employee of the Month

Employee of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year

Excellence Award

Global Achievement Award

Hall of Fame Award

Hospitality Award

Information Technology Award

Keynote Speaker Award

Lawyer of the Year Award

Leadership Award

Lifetime Service Award

Manager of the Year

Merit Award

Million Dollar Club

Outstanding Achievement

Outstanding Contributor

Outstanding Employee

Outstanding Leadership Award

Outstanding Manager

Outstanding Member

Outstanding Performance

Outstanding Service

Outstanding Vendor

Outstanding Volunteer

People's Choice Award

Pinnacle Achievement Award

Presidents Award

Presidents Circle Award

Producer of the Year

Product Manager Award

Quality Assurance Supervisor of the Year

Ray of Light Award

Representative Distributor Award

Retirement Award

Rising Star Award

Safety Award

Sales Achievement Award

Sales Associate of the Year

Sales Professional Award

Sales Superstar Award

Shining Star Employee Award

Speakers Award

Spirit of Achievement Award

Sponsor Award

Sportsmanship Award

Star Award

Star Achiever

Star of the Month

Star Performer

Teacher of the Year

Team Award

Team Player Award

Teamwork Award

Technical Excellence Award

Top Achiever Award

Top Performer of the Year

Top Producer Award

Top Referral Award

Volunteer of the Year

Humanitarian Award

Horizon Award

Performance Award

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Examples of Testimonials. (Back to Creating Award Text)

Cut and paste freely

All great journeys begin with a single step

As a contributing member of the core team. Your involvement helped us attain greater results

For consistently providing the highest level of sales and service

For constant attention to detail and quality.

For her devotion and persistence to achieving excellence

For his constant attention to detail and quality

For leading our team to an outstanding finish

For outstanding accomplishment

For outstanding contributions to the program

For outstanding customer service and company growth

For representing your company and country remarkably well

For surpassing $1,000,000 in sales

For you outstanding effort in development and implementation of our program

Fundamental progress has to do with the re-interpretation of basic ideas.

Honoring the achievements of

In acknowledgement of your contribution to our unprecedented performance

In appreciation for [XX] years of loyal and distinguished service

In appreciation for your service and dedication over the years

In appreciation of [XX] years of loyal service to our team

In grateful appreciation for delivering the keynote address

In grateful appreciation of your hard work and dedication in keeping the dream alive for our children

In recognition of sales production and customer retention

In recognition of your contribution to our company

In recognition of your implementation of

In recognition of your outstanding dedication, commitment and personal leadership

In recognition of your outstanding performance as [title]

In recognition of your outstanding sales effort

In recognition of your outstanding sales performance and dedication

In recognition of your record breaking performance

In recognition of your service and commitment to our community

In recognition of your superior performance

In recognition of your tireless efforts on behalf of our institution

In recognizing your outstanding efforts and partnership

Recognizing the contributions of

Recognizing the excellence of

Showing all of us the correct way to handle difficult situations

Thank you for going above and beyond to benefit the well being of others

Thanks for enlightening everyone around you.

The true measure of success is the number of obstacles you overcome.

There is no security on this earth; there is only opportunity.

This award is presented to you for your leadership and efforts towards completion of our company goals.

With sincere appreciation for your outstanding contributions in making our company successful

Your ability to efficiently complete every task certainly sets you apart

Your exemplary career lasting testimony in your contributions to our company

Your hard work and dedication have paid off.

Your tireless dedication is an example to all

In Recognition of Your Ability to

In Recognition of Your Achievement in

In Recognition of Your Contribution

In Recognition of Your Dedication and Devotion

In Recognition of Your Dedication to Sales, Service and Customer Satisfaction

In Recognition of Your Diligent and Tireless Efforts to

In Recognition of Your Drive and Dedication to

In Recognition of Your Extraordinary Performance in

In Recognition of Your Outstanding Efforts as

In Recognition of Your Outstanding Work

In Recognition of Your Outstanding Leadership and Service

In Recognition of Your Outstanding Customer Service and Dedication to Customer Satisfaction

In Recognition of Your Outstanding Contribution to

In Recognition of Your Service and Commitment to Our...

In Recognition of Your Tireless Efforts on Behalf of Our...

For Your Hard Work, Enthusiasm and Commitment to Excellence in

In Acknowledgement of Your Contribution to Our Unprecedented Performance

In Appreciation of Years of Outstanding and Loyal Service

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